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She was barely able to move due to hip pain.

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After 2 days on RxCBD extract, she is off her bed, running around, back to her old self. I cried to see her feeling better. Thank you for bringing hemp to pets! Just giving you guys an update on the effectiveness of your treats. This here is Tyson.

He is a two year old bulldog who gets over excited and likes to play rough. Today after I gave him three treats he was calm, docile and relaxed!

He also suffers from minor hip problems and seemed unbothered! Thank you guys keep doing what you are doing! Your oil has kept Rufus around and off of the pain meds from the vet, so I cannot begin to thank you enough! What people are saying. Customer Name. Pet's Name V. Testimonial Title. Suffers with. Reviewing — Cat Treat Dog Extract. My cat Zeke Ezekiel Pickles. A Tribute to Buddy. Rufus is a completely different. As you all know, Michigan. Nero acts like a danged.

By the same token, if Lady Fortuna is with us, there will be a real-life mermaid! Two members of Swedish boogie rockers Marulk and an ex-bass player of extreme metallers Rotten Sound changed their course with Monolord.

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Thanks to new-found chemistry they build elongated eerie hymns for disciples of doom, psych jams and sludge fuzz. This culminated last year on Rust, the widely acclaimed album which landed Monolord on tours with Black Label Society, Red Fang and Conan, so you know something heavy this way comes. Last year at Helldorado we had Big Business, the gold-standard of two-man-bands. The Picturebooks are from the same tree, but from a different branch: two German brothers from another mother, bringing the essential fucked up blues in 24 Carat songs.

For instance, Zero Fucks Given might be the best European blues song ever made, be it with a severely eerie ring to it and the almighty boom to match it underneath. Call it Teutonic twang, either way we go out sliding with a bang. In the beginning there was The Oath, a band that brought hard seventies rock with a female twist and a sound for thiscentury. Yes, the man we know from Entombed and The Hellacopters, to name a few, he who played a blinder at the first Helldorado with Imperial State Electric.

Need we say more? They approach the magic of rock with a psyched-out punk vibe to kick out the jams in this day and age. These Supernatural Predators roam from Boogieland to Superbia. The greatest band ever to emerge from France belongs to the giants of the psychobilly universe. Half man, half cow, this mythical being from rural Spain plays modified organs left and right, kicks drums and sound pedals with his feet, smashes cymbals with his horns and all the while elbow bells are ringing.

Where would such an outlandish style as psychotic flamencore originate?

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Danmark of course! Is it the three amigos of gringo a-gogo surfdustrial mariachi mania in a spaghetti splatter western on Dia de Muertos? Close, but no cigar. In the name of the muthas, the scum and the Hola Ghost, can we get an amen?! Three Icelanders reap the best elements from the ashes of vintage rock giants.

No wonder the aptly titled epic Expand Your Mind is a million-streamer.

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These skeletonalists are sonic serial killers, making every song a bloody hit. Jesus died so they can ride: zero fucks given with One of the longest running Dutch carnival acts has splashed more water around than our last major flood in Clown Johnny is making a mockery out of everyone who misses the mark with their projectiles, but once you hit bulls-eye, down the clown goes in a tank full of water.

This tight four-piece has evolved into a fully formed garage- and punkpop-influenced outfit after outgrowing their origins glamming it up on the Sunset Strip. In this case it means rock deluxe from the City of Angels.

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Together they scream more frenzied than a preacher in heat possessed by the archfiend. The two-time… Continue reading. Blues 5 Flames 0 ST.

Zeke and Luther - Episode 50

There was some talk going around RDC last season that a major… Continue reading. A car known for being safe and reliable now has other attributes: More style and technology. The two-time….

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In the game of dominoes that is behind the making of Justin…. Zeke Thurston wanted to make sure there was no question this time around. Previous story Heartbreak for Canadian field hockey women in Olympic qualifier shootout loss. Next story Pageau scores twice, Senators rout Rangers Ermineskin First Nation soon to become major electricity generator One-megawatt solar energy project to begin selling power to provincial grid next month.