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I want you be to drawn to one thing. Both differences and similarities show themselves, but it is the similarities in the people that are the most striking. Each person is treated with dignity; the Olympic athlete shares the photographic podium equally with a homeless man. When I get economically challenged, as I have periodically over the years, I have tended to look inward and outward at the same time, basically just trying to figure out ways to keep myself busy while reaching out to the community and advancing my creative skills. Nothing could have panned out better in all those directions.

Sometimes they were interesting. Sometimes they were images of his left foot or his cat. Why Portrait a Day? I think the thing about a portrait is, it adds another layer of complexity and difficulty to the project, because you have to find somebody to photograph.

Do you vary it from individual to individual? I look for somebody who stands out.

An end of the line for the kings of the Yukon?

That would be pretty boring. Then I show it to them. How do you decide whom to approach? How do you choose your subjects? That would be pretty boring, if you picked every tenth person. So then he crawls back on top of the fence and gets into the same position as when I first saw him and that was my portrait of the day.

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It might be a tool or something they have in their hand. Like, for instance, an assault rifle. Yeah, that was a good one. And a tough one. I was in Muldoon, Boniface Area, on assignment for an insurance agent, the usual, kind of everyday bread-and-butter stuff that a professional photographer does, and right across the street was this store with a neon handgun in the window and the name of the store was Ammo King.

I walked in, there were five guys working in that place. Which is the extreme inverse of the usual response I get. Paranoia was running a little deeper. Eighteen-month-old Helen Sorbel, Anchorage. And he gave me an alias in Italian that means spaghetti. So he was in the museum as Mr. But I do search out situations where I can say a great deal about a person without showing their face.

Book Series: The Alaska Literary Series

I think a portrait for instance can be just hands, hands that are doing a particular kind of activity and have a particular character to them, whether young or old or extremely old. Hands alone can say a great deal about that person. You also stated that you find it rewarding to make portraits of two people at a time. Why is that? Yes, I love it. Particularly two people who have some kind of relationship. Because I repeat the same pictures over and over and over again, though luckily I have about 10 or 12 different.

Twelve year old Ninilchik resident Damien Adami while visiting his grandmother in Anchorage. One thing I do is I photograph usually on one knee. Many at waist level, or lower, because with children you have to sit on your butt. Another big thing I do is lack of focus. Or a lack of a specific focus. Or a lot out. So selective focus is very important to me.

Do you know which eye? The closest eye.

The closest eye to the camera. As long as you make that eye totally in focus, the rest of the photograph can be a mile out, but as long as that eye is sharp, that picture works. So why try? Do you ever want to reach the end of the quest? The First Friday opening will be April 4.

The magic of one of Alaska's best writers -- who might never write another novel

See page Truthfully, no. Because then what? I want to keep doing this for the next 20 years. How do you know? I guarantee it, because I am. My experiences have taken me to cities, towns and villages all across Alaska and offered me opportunities to meet many talented individuals who care deeply about the state, our people, and our communities.

These experiences have developed in me a deep commitment to discover, appreciate and develop the greatest possibility in others. I am delighted to have recently joined the Alaska Humanities Forum to guide Leadership Anchorage towards an exciting vision of the future that retains the distinctive aspects of the program while integrating new and innovative strategies for a world-class learning experience. Together, we can unleash the greatest possibilities in each other and for each other.

Friends of the Alaska Humanities Forum are no doubt already familiar with Leadership Anchorage and many of its distinguished alumni. Leadership Anchorage is one of the premiere leadership development programs for Alaskan leaders who are committed to deepening their leadership capabilities and expanding their impact across the state. Leadership Anchorage was established by the Forum in through a Pell grant, and has continued for 16 years thanks to strong local sponsorship and funding from the National Endow-.

The lasting value of this program is based on its unique design and format that connects and develops leaders, preparing them for more significant roles that will help shape our society and address the key issues within our state. We are currently recruiting participants for the Leadership Anchorage class. Applications are due Nov.

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Outreach is extending across the community and state to identify the next cohort of leaders with a diverse range of backgrounds, heritage, professional and life experiences—from established to emerging leaders in all sectors of our communities. This includes business, government, non-profit, neighborhood, and cultural organizations. Through group experiences, readings, community projects, mentors and personal reflection, participants will explore the lessons of the humanities and their relevance to the dynamic issues and opportunities leaders of Alaska face.

The experience will be deeply enriched by the diversity participants bring and the new connections they will make with people from differing backgrounds. I am also excited about providing new and innovative ways to evolve the mentorship component and community project aspects of the program. Leadership Anchorage provides a robust experience in leadership development that addresses issues that are both deeply personal and relevant to our society.

It includes learning through provocative questions, dialogue, and. Participants will discover what it means to lead in a complex, unpredictable and ambiguous world. Leadership Anchorage participants will emerge from the program more prepared to lead in new ways, with new eyes, with a deeper appreciation for differing perspectives and experience addressing a diverse array of issues and opportunities.

This is why Leadership Anchorage is such an important and distinctive program and an exciting place for me to be at this time.

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As recruiting and planning for Leadership Anchorage 17 gains momentum, I am also very excited to engage the tremendous cadre of leaders who are part of the Leadership Anchorage family—including more than alumni, hundreds of presenters and mentors, program sponsors, and community partners who have hosted Leadership Anchorage projects. Alaska is at the forefront of global changes, which brings both challenge and opportunity—it calls for capable and compassionate leadership at all levels.

Throughout our vast geography and relatively small populace, we are rich with history and heritage, while we embrace the opportunity to become innovative and farseeing architects of our future. We enjoy unparalleled natural beauty, as well as contemporary amenities that connect us to each other and others around the globe. As one of the most diverse places in the nation we have a distinctive opportunity to generate innovative models of leadership and citizenship that honor, embrace and leverage this rich diversity.

We have a distinctive opportunity to generate innovative models of leadership and citizenship. We need to understand and invest in each other to develop innovative ways that prepare us to lead through the complex issues and opportunities facing our state. I have also witnessed how impactful the Alaska Humanities Forum is in our state, and the tremendous value Leadership Anchorage provides to both participants and the organizations and people they serve.

And it seems to be working. Most of the new teachers have never gutted a fish, gone tundra trekking or used a honey bucket.

On the Banning of Looking for Alaska