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The certificate program requires participants to ground their inquiry in issues relating to international education. Participants will have the opportunity to identify their own areas of inquiry within the context of their current practice and will critically engage with the relevant bodies of literature and contemporary research. Participants will design and conduct one or more research studies.

Graduate Certificate in Global Teaching Research.

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Graduate Certificate in Global Teaching. Mark your calendars! The silence was only interrupted by the ooohs and ahhhs of the students in the theatre. Student were more than excited about the images of science they had seen throughout the movie. Back in the classroom, students were presented with the TD HTWW theme descriptor: Inquiry into the natural world and its laws, the interaction between the natural world physical and biological and human societies; how humans use their understanding of scientific principles; the impact of scientific and technological advances on society and on the environment.

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They were able to deconstruct it to come up with many valuable words and ideas to connect to our potential Exhibition projects. While talking about some of the meanings of words, students were even able to come up with on their own, the ideas of discovery and innovation. On Tuesday , we began by talking about the word discovery.

Here were a few of their ideas to describe the word discovery : Discovery means to find new things To explore the unknown and understand how the word works To explore the pre-existing world Finding things to make the world abetter place Students then posed questions about past discoveries they wanted to know more about.

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Who invented electricity? Who invented language? Who discovered Japan?

Who invented the first cell phone? We had our students participate in a Discovery Walk around the classroom.

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At first it was difficult to find things, but then all of a sudden, people started noticing all sorts of strange things about our classroom. It was amazing!

No explicit instructions were given, so students had a lot of freedom to try out different things. We followed with some refection questions to prompt track their discoveries!

PYP Exhibition March 28, 2012

Staplers, white out tape, iPads, cork boards, water bottles and the list went on and on. How were the Experience Stations we completed earlier in the week connected to possible innovations of the past or the future?

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Next week, we look forward to diving further into our tuning in!