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  • As Bharata left, Rama said to him, "I should have known that you would renounce gladly what most men work lifetimes to learn to give up. Rama mustered the aid of a money army, built a causeway across to Lanka, released Sita and brought her safely back to Aydohya.

    Ramayana Character Map: People and Places in the Great Hindu Epic

    In order to set a good example, however, Rama demanded that Sita prove her purity before he could take her back as his wife. Rama, Sita and Bharata are all examples of persons following their dharma. Synopsis of the Ramayana Story. Dasharatha, King of Aydohya, has three wives and four sons. Rama is the eldest. His mother is Kaushalya.

    Bharata is the son of his second and favorite wife, Queen Kaikeyi. The other two are twins, Lakshman and Shatrughna. Rama and Bharata are blue, perhaps indicating they were dark skinned or originally south Indian deities. When it was time for Sita to choose her bridegroom, at a ceremony called a swayamvara, the princes were asked to string a giant bow. No one else can even lift the bow, but as Rama bends it, he not only strings it but breaks it in two.

    15 Interesting Short Stories Of Ramayana For Children

    Sita indicates she has chosen Rama as her husband by putting a garland around his neck. The disappointed suitors watch. Everyone seems pleased.

    Ramayana : Story of Diwali - Mythological Stories from Mocomi Kids

    This plan fulfills the rules of dharma because an eldest son should rule and, if a son can take over one's responsibilities, one's last years may be spent in a search for moksha. In addition, everyone loves Rama. However Rama's step-mother, the king's second wife, is not pleased.

    She wants her son, Bharata, to rule. Because of an oath Dasharatha had made to her years before, she gets the king to agree to banish Rama for fourteen years and to crown Bharata, even though the king, on bended knee, begs her not to demand such things. Broken-hearted, the devastated king cannot face Rama with the news and Kaikeyi must tell him.

    Sita convinces Rama that she belongs at his side and his brother Lakshman also begs to accompany them. Rama, Sita and Lakshman set out for the forest. Bharata, whose mother's evil plot has won him the throne, is very upset when he finds out what has happened. Not for a moment does he consider breaking the rules of dharma and becoming king in Rama's place. He goes to Rama's forest retreat and begs Rama to return and rule, but Rama refuses.

    Bharata then takes Rama's sandals saying, "I will put these on the throne, and every day I shall place the fruits of my work at the feet on my Lord. Rama and Lakshman destroy the rakshasas evil creatures who disturb the sages in their meditations. One day a rakshasa princess tries to seduce Rama, and Lakshmana wounds her and drives her away.

    She returns to her brother Ravana, the ten-headed ruler of Lanka Sri Lanka, formerly Ceylon , and tells her brother who has a weakness for beautiful women about lovely Sita. Ravana devises a plan to abduct Sita.

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    He sends a magical golden deer which Sita desires. Rama and Lakshman go off to hunt the deer, first drawing a protective circle around Sita and warning her she will be safe as long as she does not step outside the circle. As they go off, Ravana who can change his shape appears as a holy man begging alms. The moment Sita steps outside the circle to give him food, Ravana grabs her and carries her off the his kingdom in Lanka.

    A band of monkeys offer to help him find Sita. Ravana has carried Sita to his palace in Lanka, but he cannot force her to be his wife so he puts her in a grove and alternately sweet-talks her and threatens her in an attempt to get her to agree to marry him. Sita will not even look at him but thinks only of her beloved Rama.

    Hanuman, the general of the monkey band can fly since his father is the wind, and Hanuman flies to Lanka and, finding Sita in the grove, comforts her and tells her Rama will soon come and save her. With his tail burning, Hanuman hops from house-top to house-top, setting Lanka afire.

    He then flies back to Rama to tell him where Sita is. A might battle ensues. Rama kills several of Ravana's brothers and then Rama confronts ten-headed Ravana. Ravana is known for his wisdom as well as for his weakness for women which may explain why he is pictured as very brainy. Rama finally kills Ravana.