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For this reason, he considered messages on these matters as the central messages. His burden to hold the overcomer conferences and to publish The Present Testimony was to present such central messages. He also translated books in this same category into Chinese. All the books in the other categories mentioned in the first part of this chapter were intended by him to prepare the believers to apprehend these central messages, which were mainly contained in the following twenty-two books:.

Witness Lee

Published in three volumes in the fall of This book was not only the central one but also the greatest one among Brother Nee's writings. It covers the following main points: 1 the three parts of man—spirit, soul, and body; 2 the distinction between soul and spirit; 3 the fleshly Christian; 4 the soulish believer; 5 the subjective aspect of the cross and the work of the Holy Spirit; 6 the spiritual man; and 7 the spiritual warfare.

After publishing two editions of The Spiritual Man, Watchman Nee realized that many of his readers became introspective. He also felt that the book was too perfectly written and too detailed.

For these reasons he decided not to publish further editions. This was especially true after when he saw that spiritual warfare was not an individual matter but a corporate one. He told me that his view of spiritual warfare in The Spiritual Man was based mainly upon the writings and experience of Evan Roberts and Jessie Penn-Lewis. Roberts and Penn-Lewis saw only the individual aspect of spiritual warfare, and thus they presented it as a difficult matter. But over ten years after the publication of The Spiritual Man, Watchman began to realize that spiritual warfare, according to Ephesians 6, must be carried out by the Body of Christ in a corporate way.

For this reason he made a final decision to discontinue the publication of this book.

However, having later realized in Taiwan that with the exception of the chapter on spiritual warfare, this book could be quite helpful to believers in the matter of spiritual life, we decided to reprint it. Anyone who reads this book should keep in mind the above remarks.

In his books on central messages, Watchman Nee covered the reality of the church. He was also burdened to put out five books on the practicality of the church:. In addition to all the above books, some spiritual books in English were translated under Brother Nee's publication ministry through the years.

Chart of Things to Come shows the outline of all prophecies concerning the future and depicts the raptures of the saints, the great tribulation, the coming of Christ, the judgment at the judgment seat of Christ, the millennium, the judgment at the great white throne, and the new heaven and new earth with the New Jerusalem. The church needs life, the resurrection life of Christ. No doctrine, idea, theology, or exposition can replace the life of Christ. Only the life of Christ and that which issues from it will prevail against the gates of Hades.

Everything else is just disguised forms of death and cannot withstand the attacks of Satan. May the Lord be merciful to us, and may He keep us from touching death or bringing death into the church.

Witness Lee’s Testimony

May God fill the church with life, and may Satan find no opening to attack the church. There is a definite anti-intellectual slant that very much anticipates Postmodernism, and Emergent Christianity of our own day. This Miss Barber introduced Rev. A group of spiritual people were raised up by the Lord. The most spiritual one among them was Miguel de Molinos, who was born in and died in He wrote a book called Spiritual Guide which taught men the way to deny themselves and die with the Lord.

This book affected many people at that time. One of his contemporaries was Madame Guyon. She was born in and died in Her autobiography is a very good spiritual book. In addition there was Father Fenelon who was a bishop at that time. He was very willing to suffer for the Lord, and he worked together with Madame Guyon. Through these men and women, God released many spiritual messages. At that time men and women with the deepest experience of spiritual life were found in the Catholic Church. Protestantism was only paying attention to the doctrine of justification by faith.

All the prayers that proceed from your mind are merely preparations for bringing you to a passive state; any and all active contemplation on your part is also just preparation for bringing you to a passive state. They are preparations. They are not the end. They are a way to the end. The end is union with God! Please convince me this is not dangerously close to the eastern practice of altered-state consciousness meditation; I dare ye…. For a good overview of Madame Guyon, go here.

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1. The Work Is Carried Out by Co-workers Serving in Groups in Coordination.

Nee can be deduced by references he makes. Margaret E. Barber One of the primary influences was a lady named Margaret E. This post is getting long, so I will continue later.

Witness Lee and Watchman Nee: Universal and Local Aspects of the Church

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