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By realizing we are part of nature, we are more likely to protect it out of self-preservation rather than of good will alone.

The New Street Photographers Manifesto: Any Camera, Anywhere

Sounds like a win-win. Helpful information would include where to camp, whether permits are required, what camera gear you can bring, what weather and terrain to expect, what sort of behavior to anticipate from wild animals such as breeding seasons, migration patterns, etc. This includes disposing of all waste properly, even the things that you might consider compostable, like apple cores, banana peels, and other biodegradable items. By packing out everything you bring in, you help ensure that wildlife keep the diets they are meant to have and to prevent potentially invasive species like plants and microbes from entering an area.

Do you have all the appropriate equipment for travel and gear to keep you safe from the elements? How about maps, guidebooks, or safety equipment? What will you do if you get lost or hurt? Be willing to turn back if the going gets tough.

Magnum Manifesto

This is really the heart of the OPS Manifesto. As outdoor photographers we need to advocate for the outdoors — for nature, for wildlife, for the connection to natural elements that bring us to a place of peace and wonderment. For many of us, these are not the images we strive to produce unless we are trying to raise awareness around conservation. We are outdoor photographers because we love being in nature. Basically, this means keeping it real. Composing an image without meddling with the scene to improve the shot. Upholding the values of this Manifesto, even when no one is looking. Being honest about how you created an image.

It also means not baiting animals or causing any stress to animals or plant life in order to get the shot. Obviously, one reason for spending such a huge chunk of our day in a two dimensional world is because we depend so much on technology for our daily activities of work, school, and communication. We are part of the biodiverse ecosystem of Earth. In order for this ecosystem to exist in perpetuity ie, in a sustainable way , a balance needs to be reached between our consumption of resources and the replenishment of those resources.

Unless we figure out how to populate other planets, we need natural resources to survive just as much as the natural resources need us to help protect them from depletion. Privacy Policy. Terms of Use.

Self Publish, Be Happy: A DIY Photobook Manual and Manifesto (signed)

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Views Read Edit View history. This topic has been in the back of my mind for some time but has now crystallized into this manifesto for action. We inter-are with each other and everything else; from the most distant star to the flea on the cat. Suffering is born of denying this truth.

Joy comes from embracing it. It seems easy to accept we are made of star dust but tough to admit our deep dependency on other humans. If we are to use our camera as a tool for positive change then it appears obvious we should use it to dissolve these barriers and that this should involve portraying others. This has potential both in the act of photographing and in the viewing of the photograph itself. Hence this manifesto is about Portraiture rather than any other form of photography. This is closer to the Buddhist meaning and to how it is used here.

Buddhist practice is the act of infusing every moment of every day with this open, engaged awareness.

Dear Magnum user,

In order to achieve this continuous mindful awareness of life lay Buddhists follow five training principles. The trainings are more like directions to a destination or guidelines. If you want to progress follow the guidelines. We use cameras not guns. But it is more than this. Each of the trainings has a positive side. We should celebrate life. The major way we kill a spirit in photography is by typecasting people.

If we treat someone as an example of something rather than an individual we are treading on them for our own purposes.

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Think of the endless pictures submitted to Flickr and other sites of street people. In MPP we may photograph a person who happens to have a fascinating, aged face but it is the person we photograph not the face.

There is a big difference and you can see it in the final result. We make ourselves and others unhappy through exploitation, social injustice, stealing and oppression.