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The component is greatly inspired by Matthias Noback's series of blog posts about command buses and the SimpleBus project. Read this article for more details. The bus is used to dispatch messages.

The behavior of the bus is in its ordered middleware stack. The component comes with a set of middleware that you can use. When using the message bus with Symfony's FrameworkBundle, the following middleware are configured for you:.

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Deprecated since version 4. Pass a logger to SendMessageMiddleware instead. Every middleware needs to implement the MiddlewareInterface. Once dispatched to the bus, messages will be handled by a "message handler".

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  4. A message handler is a PHP callable i. If you need to add metadata or some configuration to a message, wrap it with the Envelope class and add stamps. For example, to set the serialization groups used when the message goes through the transport layer, use the SerializerStamp stamp:. Instead of dealing directly with the messages in the middleware you receive the envelope. Hence you can inspect the envelope content and its stamps, or add any:.

    The above example will forward the message to the next middleware with an additional stamp if the message has just been received i.

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    You can create your own stamps by implementing StampInterface. Now you want to integrate with a 3rd party or a legacy application but you can't use an API and need to use a shared CSV file with new orders. All you need to do is to write your own CSV receiver:. New in version 4. You may need to update your code if you used this interface in previous Symfony versions. To allow sending and receiving messages on the same bus and prevent an infinite loop, the message bus will add a ReceivedStamp stamp to the message envelopes and the SendMessageMiddleware middleware will know it should not route these messages again to a transport.

    Talks Workshops Register. Maintained 4. This article explains how to use the Messenger features as an independent component in any PHP application.

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    This something can be a message broker or a third party API for example. Receiver : Responsible for retrieving, deserializing and forwarding messages to handler s. This can be a message queue puller or an API endpoint for example. Handler : Responsible for handling messages using the business logic applicable to the messages.

    Handlers are called by the HandleMessageMiddleware middleware. Middleware : Middleware can access the message and its wrapper the envelope while it is dispatched through the bus. Literally "the software in the middle" , those are not about core concerns business logic of an application. Instead, they are cross cutting concerns applicable throughout the application and affecting the entire message bus.

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