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Like Harry Potter is not one of my favorite magic world. This a must read for anyone who like magic and fantasy. Very good plot twists, its just a good book in general. I highly recommend it!

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This was a hard read for me to get in to, which is usually not the case with young adult material, let alone fantasy. I usually love everything about being taken into a different world, far away from reality, and normally I enjoy the vacation from reality so much I never want it to end.

This was not the case for me with The Warrior Heir. So I found myself wondering if I was just in a reading rut I've found myself in those every once in a while and because I wasn't flying through the pages I may have just been expecting too much from a book that no matter what Cinda Williams Chima is a talented story teller, this I can say with absolute certainty. Her characters were fun and likeable when she wanted them to be, and awful and frustrating when she was going for that angle.

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She controlled the story, and the reader was only along for the ride The main character, Jack, was a good character but hard for me to relate to. I'm not sure if it's just that as a female reader I find that I enjoy a strong female lead more than a male lead or what, but this is just one of the many quetions I was left pondering. He was mysterious and I was never sure if Jack should be putting his trust in him so completely.

But I think it was Leander's questionable nature that made him so interesting to me. Jack's aunt Linda was another character I found myself liking. She was strong and formidable. No one is perfect and I often found myself being unnecessarily harsh with my criticism of her lack of "perfection" while I was reading.

I'm not sure why I expected so much from her, but I did nonetheless. Despite this not making my top 10 favorites of all time, I must say that although the book was difficult for me to make my way through, the prologue of this story was excellent! The way Chima set up the story and tied up the prologue I was shocked at how much I wanted to uncover the secrets and mysteries she laid out in only the first few pages of the novel. My dad always said, before you buy a book you're unsure about, sit down and read the first chapter or at least the first few pages to see if you find yourself interested.

Now I know this is unfair for all books, some need more than a chapter to pull a reader in and this does not make them any less wonderful all the time, but if I tested my dad's theory on The Warrior Heir, I would have snatched the book from the shelf and run for the register to buy it. The prologue, like I said would pull any reader in right away, it was that good.

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So while this book was not a favorite of mine, I was glad I read it and I did enjoy it for the most part. This was the first book in a trilogy and I did add the next two installments to my TBR list. Maybe I'll fall in love with them. Anonymous More than 1 year ago I loved this book it keep it interesting I never really got bored. Which is good because I can't stand to many books where I am bored out of my mind. WerewolfAddict More than 1 year ago This entire series or what's out so far is absolutely wonderful and each book brings something new to the table.

Tension also mounts as the series progresses and I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

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  • Cinda Williams Chima has become one of my favorite authors, and I suggest that readers of this series check out her Seven Realms series at all. JesseDaro More than 1 year ago I guarantee by the end of this book you will be on the edge of your seat cheering for Jackson Swift! Chima constructs a fully-realized world of magical intrigue and sinister wizards within the small-town world of Trinity, Ohio.

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    The prologue immerses readers in this complex and deadly plot, effortlessly mingling the medieval and the modern, the fantastical and the actual; the book only gets better from there. All the trials and travails of high school are here - romance, schoolyard bullies, best friends, soccer try-outs - mixed in with the fascinating world of The Weir. The pace is excellent, never boring yet never bewildering, either.

    The rest of the books in the trilogy are just as engaging. Chima's dialogue is sharp and smart, her characters engaging and believable. All three books would make a terrific gift for any young adult reader - or adult readers who appreciate truly great young adult literature! Samuel61 More than 1 year ago When you think mythology, magic, fighting, and dragons, you probably think the traditional: everyone being magical.

    The interesting thing about Warrior Heir by Cinda Williams Chima is that in order to be one the magical people known as the Weir, you must have a Weirstone located behind your heart. This story has struggles of a typical teenage kid mixed with power in adolescence and ending with a fantastic battle of everything they know.

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    It will have you always wondering what is coming next. The fictional settings that usually occupy books of similar tastes are not totally lost.

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    • The initial setting of the story is in the small town of Trinity where everyone knows everyone's business. Jack, along with his family and occasionally his aunt, live there. Many impossible acts take place leading the story to Europe to encounter the many more problems there. You really never know what idea will come into the heads of the characters to direct them to the next location. However, you may not always know what's happening because that is what is intended.

      The mystery that comes with the only knowing certain parts of the story makes it that much more entertaining. Although at times it can be predictable it is also addicting. The life of Jack Swift takes a sudden turn when he learns a secret that has been kept for years. He has great power. He is suddenly whisked into many things he's never even heard of and not all of it willingly. Betrayal takes a turn on Jack, and he is protected by someone trusted. Betrayal is always around the corner and soon enough he's betrayed again. In all of this Jack is learning, strengthening, and pushing his limits.

      Jack is becoming a warrior. The real question is whether or not he'll survive long enough to know what that means. If you have ever read a fictional book about magic, you'll find similarities. There is excitement and an interest that keeps you in this book. The magic that manifests when you're an adolescent changes the way of tradition. In the end Warrior Heir is one of a kind, and all in all it should be read by any young book fan.

      Guest More than 1 year ago The Warrior Heir is an outstandingly awesome book!!!! Anonymous More than 1 year ago I myself am a huge lover of fantasy and scifi books. This was amazing. I have to say, I was not expecting Ellen tbh. Im currently on pg of book 2 and its so amaxing! Anonymous More than 1 year ago Tgis book has alittle bit of bad words but it helps tell everything much easier!!! Anonymous More than 1 year ago At first i couldnt find a book to read , i read hunger games,catching fire, mockingjay, divergent,insurgent,matched,crossed,reached,the demon king series, legend waiting for prodigy , and conffesions of a murder suspect.

      At first this book seemed boring.

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      I put it off until now. The crimson crown was the best book in the world. But i figured " this book cant be all that bad it is still by the same auther" i was wrong this book was amazing!