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Unfortunately, the story progresses too rapidly.

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A good mystery should provide plenty of possible culprits, making it difficult to determine whodunit before the end. Painted Death has an abundance of suspects, but they are introduced and discarded far too quickly, before their characters are fully developed.

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Had they, this would have provided a heightened element of suspense. Overall, this work lacks the true intrigue of a mystery.

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Painted Death: A Kira Logan Mystery

Sign Up. Duvall Ia! Mine cuts off in the middle of the a riff - it's clearly the end of the song, but it just stops, and it's always jarred me. Like on a mix tape when you cut a song off, it's how you remember the song. Very unnerving.

Do I have a bunk CD, or are they all like that?? If so.. I'd call it artistical freedom. Onan Member. And Justice For All" damaged?

Serenity Painted Death by Opeth

To Live Is To Die is cute in the end!!! Heh, suppose so. You CAN just end it on a note..

Beknighted ends really nicely. But call me old-fashioned, I guess. After over an hour of deep, rich music, another fade out wouldn't bother me.

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Protocol Vexing Ego. I understand the cut-off reasoning perfectly. Fade-out can be a good option for some tracks, but mostly when I hear a fade-out I think 'someone didn't bother to finish this song properly'.