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The way I loved you- Jake/Mallory/Badger (Heartland)

Tbh, I don't understand the rush to defend him. As long as he makes money for the company, he'll be fine. Honestly, I see no reason to defend him at all. He's obviously a piece of shit. But so are a lot of people. Someone just spent tens of millions of dollars to make a movie based on the book whose author they're now trying to discredit. That studio stands to lose a lot of money.

The publisher stands to lose a lot of money. Why is this guy, a hack thriller writer, getting the Ronan Farrow treatment now, with so much money at stake?

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Who stands to lose? I just wonder. I had never heard of Anna Delvey before and yet I totally bought the article about her, so maybe it's possible to pull off. All this foofaraw threatens the seven figure purchase of The Gal in the Military Surplus Hovercraft , my elegant new manuscript. I worked long and hard on borrowing its premise from the Madeleine Stowe movie Blink. He sent anonymous abusive emails, he committed corporate fraud, he lied about his qualifications and experience to secure jobs over better candidates.

He urinated I someone's office as part of a harrassment campaign. He faked illness and death for personal gain.

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He has hurt a lot of people. I could have sworn I saw someone on Twitter this morning comment that they had been looking forward to this article coming out for months, possibly even almost a year -- which would have put the timeframe for the start of writing this article close to when Mallory's book was first hitting the best-sellers lists. I could easily imagine that they had started with a conventional author profile and then they just happened onto unravelling this guy's entire Mr.

Fainting Couch Feminists Episode 1: Selina Boan and Mallory Tater

Ripley stituation. Either enough people they talked to had suspicions about this guy e. Speaking of fact checking, towards the end of the article, they manage to talk to Mallory's father who appears to confirm that his mother did indeed have cancer when Mallory was a teenager. However, he calls it "Stage V". Wikipedia indicates that they use Stage V for a certain kind of kidney tumor , but in Mallory's mother's case I think it's supposed to be breast cancer so this would be inapplicable. Plus, even if it was Stage IV breast cancer, surviving for around three decades after diagnosis is pretty rare, I think.

The 5-year survival after a Stage IV diagnosis is 22 percent. I'm not saying that I think she didn't have cancer at all, but I am curious if we're not still missing something here. The article doesn't really get into this much, but there's also a gender politics angle to this, which is part of why it's getting shared so much. Publishing is definitely one of those industries where the people at the top getting most of the money tend to be older men, while the people doing the underpaid grunt work of making books tend to be younger women. There is an impression that perhaps he rose so quickly in the ranks not just because of his sociopathy, but because as a white man he fit the profile of "someone who deserves to be at the top in publishing.

And then, as a man writing in a typically woman-dominated field women's crime fiction and psychological suspense , he managed to get a really shockingly massive advance for a debut author. His entire career feels exploitative of both women's creative contributions and women's good will at every level. What we don't even know right now is how many women declined to be mentioned or quoted in this article because they presumed, with good reason, that it could hurt their careers more than his. I don't understand how his former professors were able to discuss his graduate work and application essay.

There are so many privacy laws around this stuff. Maybe in the UK it is different? Someone who makes up stories is discovered to have made up stories? I think that Dan Mallory was aware of this, because he was the publisher. Are authors allowed to care about the moral character of the people editing their books? Are people in publishing allowed to care about the moral character of their co-workers and bosses? Good time to open up the issue of the increasingly frequent morality clauses in publishing contracts Well, if it's not actually illegal, there's surely no grounds for complaint!

It depends on the lie. You can be criminally charged for fraud. You can wind up in civil court for defamation, or for causing emotional distress with lies. Alex Jones is currently facing some potentially ruinous lawsuits because the bereaved parents of the Sandy Hook victims are suing him for having claimed on air that Sandy Hook was staged.

I hope they take every last cent he has. I couldn't say if any of Mallory's lies are actually actionable, but he certainly has done damage with his lies and it's good that he's been exposed for it. He makes my skin crawl, and so does his prose style. There are too many people like him out there, and it's about time we stopped tolerating, let alone rewarding, that kind of behaviour as a society.

This is one of those issues of the magazine where the content of the individual pieces chimes against one another and reminds one that, yes, editing for literary quality is a thing , and one that is worthwhile. I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking so much of the indirect effects on coworkers and the abusive emails, just that he hasn't appeared to have defrauded anyone directly.

I was thinking more of the online cons where the false illness resulted in scamming people out of gifts or money for medical treatment, which he appears not to have done to any great extent. Nor, like Anna Delvey, did he run out on any bills. Anyway, the brief snippets of his prose from the emails quoted in the story are so ridiculous and over-the-top it's hard to believe anyone would write them with a straight face. Am I reading a different story from everyone here who seems entertained by the grift?

Book club discussion questions and an interview with the writing team behind Between the Lines

Ask any nurse how likely that is who nevertheless kept racking up prestigious positions and fawning sympathy. I see this through the lens of a country run by a different sort of unqualified, unstable charlatan. A world where my co-workers of color are busting their asses and still being told that they are never enough. I find value in exposing grifts like this, so that others may see just how many chances rich white men get to to rebound from lying about anything ever, but I find no entertainment at all. I already spend enough of my life being low-level pissed at everyday white men getting away with incompetence, famous ones just drag me over the line to incandescent with rage.

When a man is good at schmoozing and being "good in a room" the odds are good others are cleaning up his messes. I've worked with so many men like this. They need constant guidance because they could barely use common software and tools.

Too busy schmoozing! A man who is constantly faking deaths and diseases requires: -coworkers to cover for him, unpaid -bosses who ignore weird or unprofessional, pee everywhere? People change jobs over this. Am I the only one suspecting that the son gets his scamming from his mother's side? Especially since a lot of it seems to loop back to the couple of years spent alone with her in his late teens, not to mention the repeated killing of the mother in both his lies and it seems, in his book.

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This guy literally scammed his way into, among other things, a placement in New College, Oxford that he presumably took from someone more qualified and less inclined to fantasize about their parents' tragic deaths. I wouldn't find the article worthy if it were just another rich white dude fucking up the planet by moving stocks around, but there's an element to this that strikes this reader as extremely worthwhile: the publishing world is brutal as is; for somebody toiling in obscurity moi I'm content with the knowledge that I may never be successful.

However, that acceptance is harder to sustain when an apparently insufferable ass has conquered the industry at least, until now by telling lies I can't imagine a human telling without blushing, avoiding eye contact, some tell. Also, a friend who was determined to get a book deal got a very good one, and I know she obsessively researches markets, so I guess that why she decided to have the plot be a female psychic who uncovers a single mom who's torturing her child because mom has MbP. My friend now is negotiating foreign and film rights after getting an advance as a debut novelist that was quite substantial, though not as big as Mallory's.

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So cash in on that sweet crazy woman gravy train folks. What an odd little artifact, it would be interesting to know the context. Maybe it was simply dreamed up by the copywriter for Prezi, who didn't check for an author with that name, or didn't care. The article was a little gleeful, I found, and more than a few times I thought it was enjoying outing how fucking horrible this guy was just a smidge too much. Though at the same time, having met creatures like Mallory of all shapes and colors and sizes before, I sympathize with the glee of contributing towards some comeuppance. The article made me think of the million little pieces guy, who lied bunches but still has a career.

Sometimes successful people are particularly shitty, as appears to be the case here. Mallory said that he was now well, except for an eye problem. His eye began to twitch. After RTFA and then the comments here, it seems some people are a bit confused about the purpose of an author profile - it's to, uh, profile an author, their background, and how they live.

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Some authors are fascinating people, others not so much. In this case, the author appears to be a piece of shit human being, and for some people, the depth and breadth of that shitty-ness is profoundly interesting because they've met and dealt with similarly shitty humans in their own lives. I didn't find it "entertaining" in any way.

His life changes completely as he finds himself at Camp Half-Blood, a training camp for demigods like him. So, here is a way to go. Based on the Egyptian mythology, The Kane Chronicles is set in the same universe than the other series, but follows Carter and Sadie Kane, powerful magicians and descendants the two pharaohs Narmer and Ramses the Great.