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BBS is not trying to protect Sinhalese or the Buddhists but only using them for their political purposes only. Buddhists and probably0Hindus have never , in their history persecuted people of other faiths. Protestants hanged and persecuted catholics in England in the 18th and 19th century.

Muslims from th century have and are still waging their war against all other religions in the name of the religion. We need an open public debate of the well orchestrated malign influence of the foreign religious extremist organisations on this country. Amarasiri fails to understand the difference of religious faith and race. Budhists no where in the worldhave waged wars or resorted to bribery, or financial and materia inducements compared to catholics and Christians all over the world.

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The mulims have used terror and war and political power of the state to persecute other religions. Most NGOs in this country funded by neocolonial regimes in the West andextremist church organisationsto systemetically convert acre still active,. That is why India banned all NGO from the country.

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  • It is no coincidence that the majority of correspondents and columnists in Colomo Telegraph arein the payroll of these foreign organisations. BBS unfortunately is reflection of the sinhala buddhist in security with no proper leadership. Dependent on political leadership whether MR or RW are not looking after their interests. The minority leaders are having an open field to favour their own community. For political propaganda they are accused of discrimination by the minorities daily. They are accused of the 83 riots when they had nothing to do with it it was the UNP goons who did it.

    The buddhists are subject to foreign funded conversions. The present economic system does not cater to the buddhists.

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    They are economically cleansed from the main economic centres. Under these circumstances where is this discrimination they are accused of?

    In the previous govt the Chief justice, Attorney general, governor of the central bank were all catholics. They ran races and ignored the protests of the Mahanayake and insulted the Buddhists by having half naked dancers in front of the Dalada Maligawa.

    Is this the majoritism that even chandrika accuses them of? BBS unfortunately is filling this void. The problem was best said by Gnanasara thero.

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    He said Tamils have leaders, Muslims have leaders but the Sinhala Buddhists have no leaders. MR and RW are not Sinhala buddhists leaders! They are nominal buddhists who are political leaders.

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    It is time the media , politicians understand that these false accusations can only lead to insecurity and could rebound violently with the insecurity high jacked by a more violent segment of the Sinhala buddhists community. The media and the political class should instead promote good governance, rule of law, address corruption not make false accusations for political expediency. Vaas: no-one denies that Sinhala Buddhists have grievances too like others. But answer does not lie in unleashing the mad dogs like BBS on the streets and hunt down the minorities and make them also feel insecure.

    Answer lies in initiating a frank discussion of issues of contention between the religious and even political leaders. Most important matter is restoring the rule of law and order. Whether Sinhala ,Tamil or Muslim, crime is a crime and should be viewed as such. Whether it is wele suda or Mujahid, Prabakaran or Gnnassara or that ISIS militant, they should not be viewed through racial or religious lens. Let us build up this country together without getting into compartments. Further, do you reckon that Muslims have leaders while Sinhalese do not. If you refer to Hakeems, Rishards, or Mustafas as Muslim leaders, you need to check your mind.

    They are political opportunists who have been selling he interests of their community for petty gains. What this country needs is political leadership without communal feelings. SLMC for example is a liability which need to be discarded as most Muslims feel. Dignity for all, It is not only Grievances that needs to be taken into account. Running to India and the west to interfere in the governance of SL. These are unwarranted comments and actions that create the BBS. Do not blame BBS blame the minority political leaders and their elites who make these accusations. Stop these actions and BBS will be a non entity.

    The BBS will be soundly thrashed at the upcoming elections , thus putting to bed once and for all the canard that the majority community are bigoted. Electioneering by Buddhist clergy has sparked quarrels between groups favouring Mahinda Rajapakse and Maithripala Sirisena. Brave woman. Still recovering from last weekends marathon of Sex Education.

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