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The action takes place in upstate New York, near Ithaca and the Cornell campus. A high school senior, Jude Frick, is eager to pursue a career in the military.

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Approaching his suburban home, he is stopped by a blind black beggar, a seer, actually, who warns him of dire consequences. Jude pays scant attention to Jude pays scant attention to the guy and goes home to prepare dinner for his divorced mother, a tyrant in her own right. The mother, Jane, has to go to Cleveland in the morning for a big business deal. She treats her son like a slave. The next day, after Jane has flown to Cleveland, Jude says goodbye to his girlfriend and longtime lover, Priscilla Pageant. Then he goes downtown to the air force recruiting station where the recruiting officer, Sgt.

Sam abandoned the family after Jude's birth. Ultimately, the seer's prediction comes true. Salt "be all you can be! In the darkness, Jude, now armed with a gun, shoots his mom, killing her instantly. When he discovers his mistake, Jude is crestfallen. Priscilla tries to comfort him, revealing that she is carrying his child.

In a major panic, Jude calls Sam Salt, seeking help. The blind black beggar suddenly appears on the scene at the same time that Salt appears. With all of the above, there is a happy ending. Sam Salt and the blind beggar are instantly attracted to one another and will set up housekeeping in the Frick home. Priscilla and Jude will get married and raise their family while at the same time attending Cornell University.

The time is March, — the waning days of the Civil War. His militia is a special force, modeled after the Spartan warriors of ancient Greece — as he fancies himself a living example of the His militia is a special force, modeled after the Spartan warriors of ancient Greece — as he fancies himself a living example of the Spartan philosophy: an elite society — in fact, a slave society. His name is Xavier Ackerman. He grew up on an adjoining plantation as the son of slaves.

Xavier escaped servitude as a boy, taking the Underground Railway to freedom. Xavier implores Leon to surrender or face possible death and the destruction of his vast cotton farm.


Even after Harry is killed, Leon is convinced of his own moral and cultural superiority. He is very much attracted to Sally and her presence on the plantation is enough reason for him to stay on. Leon has vowed to join Jefferson Davis and fight a guerilla war against the North. But Leon is his own worst enemy when, in the course of a drunken afternoon just prior to his leave taking, he flaunts his black mistress Sally which finally pushes Cleo to expose him in the most humiliating way.

At the very end, Leon accepts the reality of life even as he initiates the reality of his own death. More than anything, he embraces the Spartan culture of his dreams, his way of life and his way of death. In the baby book, there are hints and more than hints that Jeff may have had a different, as yet unidentified mother. The play opens just after The play opens just after Susan a single mother of two returns to the Tenafly, New Jersey family house after her aging father had been released from the hospital to return home.

Jeff, a successful film and TV actor, shows up in an unannounced visit and is presented with the baby book that lists his christening —a highly disturbing discovery since the Bernsteins are Jewish. There is a strong implication that Jeff slept with Josephine in a brief encounter twenty years ago. But even as Josephine protests that Jeff is not her son.

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This is a story about four people inexorably tied to the lies, deception and guilt of a relationship they cannot sever nor acknowledge. With Boyd on board, the leader of the gang, a flamboyant Irish-American, Big Jake, is ready to go big time; i. Alas, one of the grave robbers, Lewis Swegles, is a snitch. His wife, Miranda, is devastated. They may resume counterfeiting money in San Francisco … or they could go straight and live a respectable public life … like their hero, Abraham Lincoln.

The time period is to The place is Washington, D. In Congress, there have been constant fights, both verbally and physically, on the issues of slavery and secession. Dan Sickles himself was a wealthy, powerful, middle-aged lawyer. She was Lolita before there was a Lolita: equal parts sexy and child-like.

Essentially he was a horseman and a playboy. While he drank with Dan Sickles at their private Clubhouse, he also dined with the Sickles at their home.

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Barton was also having an affair with Teresa. He simply confronted Barton on the street and shot him in cold blood. He then returned home and confronted Teresa, who offered no defense. She was submissive and guilt-ridden. But this was no simple relationship. Dan had his own lady friends, discreetly removed from Washington, generally in Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York. Dan was acquitted, not on the grounds of murder, but because he did what any midth century husband would do, i.

He did so because he remained deeply in love with her. At that time — , most married women as well as single women were considered no more than slaves. They were expected to be faithful, obedient wives and good mothers. Their job was to take care of the home and the family, both of which were sacrosanct.

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Any deviation from that norm was a threat to the prevailing tradition and was a form of secession, i. This is a play about a complex year old charmer named Jesse Herman, telling his life story to an unseen audience in an effort to justify his criminal bent and criminal activities. Jesse portrays himself as a lifelong victim, forever set upon by bullies, yearning for the father he never knew, professing to want family and friends and a career where the principal objective was helping others. Jesse almost Jesse almost wins our sympathy.

Jesse was indeed a salesman, selling his Ponzi scam, seducing his audiences, seducing his victims. He was successful because he truly believed that he was helping others. Jesse was the ultimate psychopath.

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He cannot tell the truth to anyone — not to his mother, not to the woman he loves — because he cannot tell the truth to himself. When Jesse is finally accepted into a crime family, he believes that he has realized his childhood dream … but he is his own worst enemy. This could be the story of any politician in public office whose seductive powers carry him to success. It could be any personal story where the so-called friend, partner or companion does not reveal his true colors until it is too late, until after the fact.

He truly believes he is above the law and that his code of justice preempts that of society. The style of the play verges on screwball comedy but the underlying theme is, "Love conquers all He is revolted by the vampire life style and is yearning, yearning, yearning for the love of a woman that he can only achieve through Salvation - and love - appears in the person of the fearless American anthropologist, Leona Tedesco, celebrated for her best selling books on vampires. The year is ; the eve of World War Two. The place is the dungeon of the Pedarescu Castle in Transylvania.

Leona confronts Prince Ilie with crucifix and stake but at the last moment before sunrise takes pity on him. In return, the grateful Prince Ilie vows that some day he will rise from his casket and marry Leona's granddaughter.

Leona is skeptical since she has no desire to ever marry, let alone raise a family. However, by play's end and two generations later, the castle has been transported to Vulcan, West Virginia and the Prince will marry Leona's granddaughter. It's a screwball comedy with a heart! This is a play about the post-porn lives of former porn stars and how their respective pasts interact with each other.

Saul Sunshine, whose wife has just walked out on him, is a failed playwright. He is on the roof of his apartment building, seriously contemplating suicide and talking aloud about his travails He is on the roof of his apartment building, seriously contemplating suicide and talking aloud about his travails; not knowing that Orlando Deacon, a year-old foster child, is smoking pot and listening to his every word.

Since Orlando figures that Saul will self-destruct within minutes — and because he is stoned — he tells the playwright the story of his young life: shunted from one foster family to another, aware of his homosexuality but not yet acting on it, wanting to go to fashion school and design dresses and — hopefully — more than anything - to be adopted by a beautiful Hispanic lesbian psychologist, Aida Banderas. Saul steps back from the roof, ecstatic, because he finally has an idea for a new play.

The gay artistic director, Fidel Julia, who runs the successful, politically correct Manana Theatre Company, may have rejected Saul for the last ten years but he will never reject either the boy or the play. Aida hates the idea. Fidel Julia, the artistic director, is suspicious of this well-crafted play but loves everything about it and about the author.

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In Act Two, Saul is less than happy because he is not getting the recognition he deserves but knows he cannot have. Saul is thrilled. Fidel is furious … but ultimately because the show is opening in a few days he relents. The playbills have been printed but future playbills will give due recognition to Saul Sunshine.

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  7. And a new Saul is emerging. It is the story of a dysfunctional Jewish family and the search by the son, 16 year-old Harry, to come to terms with his parents — and with himself. The father, Benjamin, is a wife beater whose craft as a glazier creating stained glass windows for churches belies his abusive nature. One night, Harry comes upon Benjamin about to whip the passive Bessie. The boy grabs a carving knife and threatens to cut his father, whereupon he is ordered out of the house forever.

    Earlier, Harry had met and fallen in love with a girl named Lucy, a Jew in name only, an acknowledged atheist, whose parents were left wing, union organizers.