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However, most of these studies have failed to simultaneously adjust for several common comorbidities, thus potentially introducing bias into their findings The analysis, from an international team of experts from academia, research institutes, health care organizations, consulting firms and Alzheimer's Research UK, looked at the true cost of Alzheimer's disease and Related Dementias ADRD. The authors argue that better data on the extent of these costs is vital for informing future dementia policy. The results , published in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease , open a new approach for early, sensitive and specific diagnosis of FTD The risk was most pronounced in the first two months of use.

This is the first study to investigate the association between opioids and pneumonia in this population. The results were published in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease Little is known about the way in which such programs can be implemented in actual care practice.

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However, it may be possible to use data from clinical practice to estimate the potential of drug prescriptions to delay or reduce the development of dementia Study after study has proven that smoking increases your risk for cancer, heart disease, diabetes — even blindness. But dementia? Not so fast. A recent study published in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease has demonstrated that smoking is not associated with a higher risk of dementia Many antiepileptic drugs AED are available to prevent epileptic seizures, allowing up to 80 percent of patients to become seizure-free.

However, previous research has found a positive association between the use of AEDs and dementia Researchers from the Department of Public Health, University of Copenhagen have, in collaboration with the National Research Centre for the Working Environment, and the Danish Dementia Research Centre, shown that being distressed in late midlife is associated with a higher risk of dementia in later life Join with the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease in supporting WAM this year, by spreading awareness of the impact JAD has and what our journal achieves in terms of advancing knowledge in the field, and you could be enter a draw to win a copy of our latest book!

SPECT tomography evaluates regional cerebral blood flow in the brain that is reduced in various disorders In recent decades, several authors have analyzed the impact of osteoporosis on the risk of cognitive decline, but most of these studies have been conducted outside Europe. These abilities may be affected in early Alzheimer's disease AD patients.

Nevertheless, they continue to drive for more years than people with other dementia syndromes perhaps because of a deficit in self-awareness that prevents them from perceiving their driving difficulties and adapting accordingly. The purpose of the present pilot study was to closely examine the self-regulation behavior of older individuals with AD using a naturalistic driving approach.

A pilot study involving Newcastle University has revealed low-cost wearable devices could improve clinical trial efficiency and encourage research investment Interestingly, this strong association was not present in younger 55—64 years or older 75—86 years participants.

Additionally, the effect was more present in women than men. The study is published in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease , because depression is a highly treatable risk for cognitive decline and Alzheimer's disease Fifteen percent of patients declined across all brain networks the team evaluated Common genetic variants in this protein may also be linked to intelligence IQ in children, according to recent research performed at the University of Bergen, Norway Metabolic and genetic factors involved in increasing the probability of developing dementia have already been identified.

Some vascular risk factors, as hypertension, dyslipidaemia, diabetes or smoking can cause a derangement in extra or intracranial vessels architecture, which can be responsible for an early aging of the brain. However, reliable tools for early identification of subjects at greater risk of evolution from mild cognitive impairment to AD are not available On the other hand, they were treated more frequently with antidepressants, antipsychotics and sedative drugs Recently, interest in dietary approaches for prevention of cognitive decline has increased.

In particular, the omega-3 fatty acids have shown anti-amyloid, anti-tau and anti-inflammatory actions in the brains of animals. According to the research, both diabetic and non-diabetic subjects with insulin resistance experienced accelerated cognitive decline in executive function and memory. UCLA School of Nursing researchers discovered that for people who carry a specific genetic variation — the K-variant of butyrylcholinesterase, or BChE-K — donezpezil could accelerate cognitive decline.

Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease

Testing that hypothesis requires DNA sequencing directly in brain cells or tissue rather than in blood cells. However, the identification of SNV by standard and reliable sequencing procedures does not work well when the number of cells bearing the specific SNV or mutation is very low within the tissue. In this way, another techniques, such as high-throughput methods, could be used.

However, those methods can introduce errors in reading sequence alignments that can interfere with the identification of true somatic variations Since both disorders have overlapping symptoms, how can a clinician tell them apart to make an appropriate diagnosis? Kim Innes found that practice of a simple meditation or music listening program may have multiple benefits for older adults with preclinical memory loss. The risk was highest at the beginning of drug use and remained increased in long-term use.

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Use of two or more antipsychotic drugs concomitantly was associated with almost two times higher risk of mortality than monotherapy. AFA is a free service that is part of a suite of online features integrated into the JAD site to meet the needs of the Alzheimer disease AD research community While the dangers posed by high adult BMI on cognitive function in later life have been documented, the association of adolescent BMI with cognitive function in midlife has not yet been reported.

The new risk assessment tool also presents the individual risk profile in a quickly interpretable visual form The researchers found a relationship between inflammation, a toxic protein and the onset of the disease. In addition, some of these products might be turned into pharmacological tools to develop a chemically-induced animal model of AD in contrast with the currently used genetic, recombinant mice models.

Publication of these findings is scheduled in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, vol. While there is no treatment for MCI and symptomatic only treatment for AD, the global effort against cognitive disorders is focused on early detection and management of AD at the stage of MCI The association was statistically independent of midlife hypertension, smoking, education level, sex, obesity and binge drinking.

This suggests that the beneficial influence of physical activity on the brain and cognition is not solely based on decreasing vascular risk factors. Ultimately, these deposits harm neurons, leading to cognitive problems. The paper titled "Regulation of structural and functional synapse density by L-threonate through modulation of intraneuronal magnesium concentration" was published in the medical journal Neuropharmacology.

The average age of the donors was approximately 30, well before any sign of the microscopic abnormalities commonly associated with the disease commonly appear, and almost five decades before the age at which they might develop symptoms Using sophisticated neuroimaging and analytics, researchers have now identified abnormal areas of low blood flow in living professional football players. This finding may help families better understand their loved one's inevitable difficulties and lead to new avenues to postpone this painful aspect of the disease. Research in this area by the team of Dr.

This major call for action is based on substantial evidence indicating that some microbes — a specific virus and particular bacteria — are likely major causes of the disease They studied the effects of supplementation with natural omega-3 fatty acids in healthy older adults over a period of six months. Results from the study, which show that supplementation leads to significant improvements in memory function, have been published in the current issue of the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease They also have to execute costly brain imagining scans and even, sometimes, invasive cerebral spinal fluid tests to rule out other diseases.

The process is laborious at best -- and subjective at worst It is a free service that is part of a new suite of online features that have been designed to serve the needs of the Alzheimer disease AD research community The finding, based on the results of a Stony Brook University-led research team in collaboration with Boston University School of Medicine, emphasizes the need for professionals to take into account developmental history and have a broad understanding of neuropsychological testing when interpreting the meaning of low memory test scores The findings could ultimately help develop new drugs for the condition, by allowing better monitoring of the effects of drugs and improvements in clinical trials The research suggested the influence of early specialist referral for dementia patients on institutionalization risk and demonstrated that the benefits of early dementia diagnosis may lead to challenging issues The findings could help improve dementia care and better target the use of music in different stages of dementia.

The research was published today in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease The findings could help improve dementia diagnosis, by highlighting changes not commonly thought to be linked to the condition. The results have been published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Alzheimer's Disease Benzodiazepines and related drugs are used as a sleep medication and for anxiolytic purposes.

These drugs were initiated more frequently in persons with Alzheimer's disease than in persons not diagnosed with AD. Compared to persons not diagnosed with AD, it was three times more likely for persons with Alzheimer's disease to initiate benzodiazepine use after the diagnosis, and benzodiazepines were most commonly initiated six months after the diagnosis.

The finding adds to a body of evidence suggesting that body weight change may aid in the diagnosis and management of Alzheimer's disease. This is associated with the risk for Alzheimer disease AD and a susceptibility marker for poor outcome in traumatic brain injury TBI recovery. Sears From the Departments of Psychology L.

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