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After being in the studio with them, we clicked and worked really well together.

We exchange ideas and for me, I had so much fun learning. They taught me a lot about my music and my voice, which is the best route to take, and helped me show my potential. It was a great experience and helped me continuously develop myself and make improvements.

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The filming of the video was so much fun! I was first not sure what to do as it was my first music video, but once I got there, the team was really professional and they made me feel at ease. Lora explained each step to me and the process and I was involved in every step of the way.

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The dancers helped me as I was very nervous but the result was amazing, I was so self-conscious about my dancing as I am not a natural dancer. They taught me my steps and went through it and felt so comfortable after and I was so happy with the end result.

You will hit barriers along the way but keep pushing yourself, keep learning and go outside your comfort zone as it will help you grow and build your confidence. Singing is a passion. Free Ebook Download Secrets. Fiction Writers United Book 3. Free Ebook Download V. Free Ebook For Lovers Only. Free Ebook Happily Even After.

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He imagined he felt a faint, warm, returning pressure. She was young, she was friendless, she was human.

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By this hand in his Jean felt more than ever the loneliness of her. Then, just as he was about to speak again, she pulled her hand free. Jean had been intent only upon the girl. He had kept step beside her without taking note of what was ahead of him. At her words he looked up expectantly, to be struck mute. He felt a sheer force, a downward drawing of an immense abyss beneath him. As he looked afar he saw a black basin of timbered country, the darkest and wildest he had ever gazed upon, a hundred miles of blue distance across to an unflung mountain range, hazy purple against the sky.

It seemed to be a stupendous gulf surrounded on three sides by bold, undulating lines of peaks, and on his side by a wall so high that he felt lifted aloft on the run of the sky. Southeast y'u see the Sierra Anchas," said the girl pointing. Those big rough mountains to the south are the Mazatzals. Round to the west is the Four Peaks Range. An' y'u're standin' on the Rim. Jean could not see at first just what the Rim was, but by shifting his gaze westward he grasped this remarkable phenomenon of nature. For leagues and leagues a colossal red and yellow wall, a rampart, a mountain-faced cliff, seemed to zigzag westward.

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Grand and bold were the promontories reaching out over the void. They ran toward the westering sun. Sweeping and impressive were the long lines slanting away from them, sloping darkly spotted down to merge into the black timber. Jean had never seen such a wild and rugged manifestation of nature's depths and upheavals. He was held mute. Jean's sight was educated to judge heights and depths and distances. This wall upon which he stood sheered precipitously down, so far that it made him dizzy to look, and then the craggy broken cliffs merged into red-slided, cedar-greened slopes running down and down into gorges choked with forests, and from which soared up a roar of rushing waters.

Slope after slope, ridge beyond ridge, canyon merging into canyon—so the tremendous bowl sunk away to its black, deceiving depths, a wilderness across which travel seemed impossible. The heights an' depths—the awfulness of its wilderness!