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Bechdel, head in hands, engaged in the talking cure. Her mother is a mere mortal: a kinder, less complex, less riveting figure.

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She mostly functions here as an object off which Ms. Bechdel can bounce her angst, as if the author were engaging in strenuous mental parkour. For example she was more physically affectionate with Ms. Her mother was initially embarrassed that her daughter wrote a lesbian comic strip. Bechdel does not suggest they do.

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A not atypical sentence is this one, in which Ms. At their next session Ms.

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Because Alison Bechdel is Alison Bechdel, this book has its charms. She draws female bodies in various states of dress and undress with enormous warmth and wit, and in general her skill as an artist has deepened. Some self-portraits in particular have a surreal, Kafkaesque intensity.

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View all New York Times newsletters. Details not mentioned in the text linger in your mind, for example the lighted cigarette on the kitchen table while her mother is bottle-feeding her.

Witty moments fly past. Her mother gets in some good lines too.

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But these lights are embers. Tell us what you think. Please upgrade your browser. See next articles. There is less than a week left to support our matching grant fund drive! Your tax-deductible donation made to LARB by pm, December 31, will be doubled thanks to an anonymous donor. Edited by Michele Filgate, this is a collection of intimate and authentic personal essays, with each piece telling its own heartfelt story of silence. Fifteen writers from different backgrounds remember their youth and reflect on how the lack of communication or in some cases the overflow of information has altered their lives.

Each author attempts to grasp the unspoken, the kind of disquiet which erects barriers to empathy and acceptance.

Are You My Mother? : P. D. Eastman :

This silence has shaped their understanding or misunderstanding of the world and the way they build their inner truth. But life moves on, and with the passage of time, the intensity of these memories of silence fades away, sometimes pushing them apart from their mothers, sometimes bringing them closer. Reading a collection of personal essays is not like reading a memoir.

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This is the time to draw conclusions, to feel empathy and admiration or not for this piece of writing. Each essay is a complete experience in itself, with its own arc and epiphany. Even though many essays share the same theme, they are written by authors from different worlds, and each deserves our full attention. Mothers have an extraordinary hold on their children at every age. The way they interact with them, like a constant subliminal message projected between the scenes of their lives, affects everything. This book is a testament to the struggle of these authors to move beyond these definitions.

Michele Filgate writes about the verbal and sexual abuse inflicted by her stepfather. Abuse, in its different forms, is one of the main themes of this anthology. I long for the mother I had before she met my stepfather, but also the mother she still was even after she married him.

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Sometimes I imagine what it would be like to give this book to my mother. To say: Here is everything that keeps us from really talking. Here is my heart. Here are my words.

I wrote this for you. In many cases, abuse has led to the silence between a mother and her children. Only through this experience, had he found his niche , his community of queers , his people , and most importantly himself. He chose to remain silent and kept the secret from his mother for years, not out of shame, but to shield her from more grief.