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The celebrations don't end there: The following day the family cross-country skis, rides dog sleds, and takes a dip in some local hot springs.

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And nobody mistakes them for Cheechakos. Comedian, actress, and Fashion Police host Joan Rivers, 77, cooked the Thanksgiving meal for her family Get out of the kitchen. Virtually ever since, Joan has hosted a catered dinner for family and friends in her New York City apartment, complete with waiters, place-card seating, and a pianist friend who plays show tunes.

The feast includes deep breath, please : five appetizers such as caramelized-onion-and-goat-cheese tarts , first-course pasta pumpkin tortellini , pumpkin soup served in a carved-out pumpkin , roast turkey, smoked ham, six sides, and six desserts. No detail is overlooked — even the ramifications of eating so much food: "My nephew's a doctor, so he's right there if anything happens.

People know in advance that she's coming, but Joan still manages to surprise them: "I sit and gossip. I'll give them a tidbit about Lindsay Lohan so they have a story to tell people! The love and laughs continue at home, where, Joan says, "I ask every single person to stand up and say one sentence describing what they are thankful for. One year Cooper said, 'I am thankful the Yankees won! Though her celebration is grand, Joan simplifies matters by using the same menu, linens, and decorations every year, including a foot-long table that has to be carried up seven flights of stairs and then assembled.

Ask Lori Berger why she began hosting 60 people at her Los Angeles home and she'll blame her in-laws. Over the years, it grew and grew and grew as the group had children and roped in other pals. But one thing stayed the same: Lori cooked almost all of it, including a pound turkey, five Cornish game hens, and a honey-baked ham.

Six years ago, though, she took off the cape. Ruby refreshes serving platters, helps with cleanup, and guards the kitchen so Lori can cook in peace. Another savior: "Costco. I love it the way some women love Saks Fifth Avenue — it's a fantasyland," Lori says. I buy huge paper plates with turkeys on them and sturdy plasticware. Rich cleans up after my mess," she says, gratefully. Guests pour their own drinks and serve themselves from a gigantic buffet on the dining room table. The kids entertain themselves with Ping-Pong and darts while the family's pound yellow lab, Moose, roams around, on the hunt for crumbs.

Once it's over, Lori returns borrowed tables and chairs from friends and collapses in bed. The day after, she's a happy wreck. As a chef and caterer, Maili Halme Brocke, 42, is used to producing events in large spaces.

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The Thanksgiving dinner for 32 she's hosted with her husband at their Ventura, CA, home is much smaller in scale — it has to be, given that her kitchen, dining room, and living room total square feet. Plus, they give you the option of bringing home an Everyday Thanksgiving feast for up to 10 people — all you have to do is heat it up. Whichever meal you choose, it will come frozen, so make sure to give yourself enough time for thawing and about 2 hours for heating it up before enjoying it. Live near a Buca di Beppo? Plus, you have the ability to add any of their delicious Italian side dishes to really beef up your whole holiday dinner.

Many reviewers even stated that after feeding 6 adults there were plenty of leftovers, so make sure to have all your guests come hungry this year! Hop over here to see which one they liked more! Plus, she got really creative and shared a fun and easy way to serve a pumpkin pie to a large crowd. Feeding a crowd? The Thanksgiving kit at Cracker Barrel also feeds up to 10 people and comes with all the traditional holiday fixings your heart desires.

In 2 hours or less , you can have this delicious meal ready for your family — just make sure to order it at least 24 hours beforehand! Oh, and did I mention that it only takes 4 minutes to heat up?! However, I have a whole new love for them after learning that they offer a diverse selection of pre-cooked Thanksgiving meals ready to order! Their dinners can feed anywhere from 2 up to 12 people. Not only can you buy the perfect kitchenware at Williams Sonoma, but now you can also score the perfect Thanksgiving dinner.

Make sure to order by Friday, November 22, , at pm for delivery on November Hip Tip: Love Williams Sonoma?! Check out these budget-friendly knockoffs that I found! Check out all of our favorite pumpkin dessert recipes! I have purchased pre-made grocery store Thanksgiving meals for a few years now.

No regrets! It is worth it to be able to sleep in, enjoy visiting with family, have a glass of wine or champagne, instead of doing the huge and stressful juggling act of pulling together an epic meal. Plus clean up is a snap. How cool. Thanks for letting us know about your experience, Andrea! It sure does sound like a convenient option for sure!

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I agree. We have used Shoprite for their complete turkey dinner and I have had no regrets. We usually add a few homemade items or desserts and we are done. No fuss. Thanks Shannon. I talked to my DH and he agreed to go to Cracker Barrel. Check your local grocery store. Bob evans is the best cost.

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If it is just you 3 than I would suggest just cooking at home. Grab a small turkey and a few sides. Thank you.

I only cook for my husband,dad, 7 year old son and myself. Usually mac and cheese and mashed potatos. Then I get a small turkey breast to throw in the crock pot. Really easy and still have some turkey left overs. Cook you and your spouse favorite meal and enjoy quality time together.

Best Thanksgiving Ever!

Everyday is a day to be thankful. So much easier and less stressful. Of you like to cook you could but a small turkey or chicken…pick one favorite of yours, one of your husbands and something that you think your child will enjoy…keep it small but special … go out to dinner…or try your grocery store if you like left overs…. Happy Thanksgiving enjoy.

Here are 38 restaurants for Thanksgiving dinner and brunch in metro Phoenix

I make 3 desserts a couple of days before Thanksgiving and have those ready to go. Best part is that everyone loves the food! On this list, I only have Trader Joes in my area!